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To My Friend

To My Friend,

As I sat scrolling through the news feed on facebook, I saw your post. My heart stopped and time froze. This wasn’t the news we were waiting to hear. I thought, “What can I say?” All words fled, but maybe you don’t need words right now. God has given you His amazing grace and you are drinking from the cup of his comfort drawing strength from it. So, maybe the words aren’t for you, but for me and for those who care about you.

A verse came to mind, one that I didn’t understand for many years, “Precious in the sight of The Lord is the death of his saints.” – Psalm 116:15. When I was young, I always saw that verse as mean, but now that I am older and am a mom, I now understand it. When my children go off to school each morning, I eagerly await their return. I leave my phone on so they can call anytime if they need me. When the time draws near for them to come home, I steal glances out the window in anticipation of catching sight of them walking up the hill. And when the last one comes through the door, I gladly shut the door, content and happy that everyone has returned safely from their adventures out in the world. We settle down to spend an evening of homework, rest, and enjoying one another’s company. Their return home is precious.

It’s no wonder why our Abba says that His children’s homecoming is precious to him.
As a Father, He eagerly waits for our return home from our wanderings on earth. He must receive a contented feeling knowing that his child is now safe, happy, and well in his arms. That verse isn’t cruel, but rather an expression of a Father’s love for his children. With that picture in mind, a measure of peace and comfort is given to those who are waiting to go home and for those who are struggling to let loved ones go.

No matter the out come of the cancer, friend, you are precious in God’s sight. Thank you for sharing your testimony of faith with us. We will be praying for you and your family!


If you are struggling with a disease or terminal illness, you may find the following blog site encouraging. My friend has given me permission to post his blog site so that other may be encouraged through his illness.



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