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As the stone of Seek Truth sails through the air and hits its mark, the giant of depression comes into full view. You now can see him even more clearly than you had before. His monstrous face leers down at you daring you to throw the next two stones! Absently, your thumb rubs over the etched words. As you prepare to throw the stone, you glance at the words and read “Give Up”. What? Give up?

Yes! Give up! Let go! Surrender your depression! This step is a choice not a feeling. You can either choose to accept the truth or to continue on in your depression. Contrary to the popular philosophy to “follow your heart”, the truth is that you must lead your heart. God says that the heart is deceitful. (Jeremiah 17:9) Our feelings, our emotions often keep us from doing what is right. If you do what is right whether you feel like it or not, the right emotions will follow.

Let’s get back to our example on finances. In the last blog, we unveiled the root problem of the depression which was unbelief in God’s provision and making money your focus. At this point, you can choose to hang onto unbelief because you don’t “feel” like you can believe or you can prayerfully repent of your unbelief and wrong focus and ask God to help you believe and to change your focus.

The next stone to throw at your very weak giant is the stone of “Fill Up”. This is extremely important! Quite often teenagers will make decisions at camp to give up certain things, but when they return home they go right back to doing the same wrong things. The reason is that they emptied themselves of their sin but didn’t replace it with truth. Get your chart out! It’s time to write and study!

Illustration Chart:

Face It Seek Truth Give Up Fill Up ?

journal Matt. 6:25-33 Pray Romans 8:28
Finances Matt. 6:19-21 Repent Phil. 4:19
1Tim. 6:20 Let go Psalm 23
Wrong focus 2 Kings 4

In this illustration chart, I’ve filled up on God’s promises that “all things work together for good” and that he supplies all my needs. I filled up on a real story about how God met a widow’s need with a great supply of oil. (2 Kings 4) By studying these things you are learning that you can believe completely in God’s provision.

By now you’re giant is writhing on the ground. The stones “Give Up” and “Fill Up” hit the giant dead center disabling his grip on your soul. There’s still one more stone left that will send the final death blow to the depression giving you a whole new sense of freedom!


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