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Recently, I was asked to video record my Bible study, The Journey of Surrender. As I have been teaching it, the Holy Spirit has been teaching me. (You have to love it when your words are thrown right back at you.) No sooner had I finished video taping the first chapter, “Unbelief: The Roadblock in the Journey”, when God pointed out to me an area of unbelief that caused a roadblock.

Our church had held a breakfast and special appreciation service for the firefighters, police officers, and paramedics within our community. It came as no surprise when no one showed up that day.

“Did you really even pray about it?” the still small voice challenged me.

“Not really because I knew no one would come.” I responded thinking that was a satisfactory answer.

“Isn’t that unbelief? Didn’t you just teach that unbelief causes roadblocks?” the gentle voice continued to question.

“Ugh.” I sighed as conviction set in.

The following week I spoke on the topic of belief and how it brought about many amazing miracles. “For without faith it is impossible to please him!” I passionately proclaimed. Still, I had my own personal struggle with faith for the many upcoming tasks that God was calling us to do.

“Can we really accomplish this task?” my stomach twisted in knots.

“Believe.” came the reply.

My husband could sense that I was struggling with something. Finally I blurted out, “I don’t understand why I’m having such a hard time with this! A few years ago when we received only half the months salary, we saw so many prayers answered and had so many victories, but now I feel like it’s been more defeat than anything else, so why even pray?”

Immediately I could hear that still small voice, “Did you hear what you just said? When you prayed you had victories. When you stopped praying, you felt defeated. Where’s your belief?”

The picture became quite clear – lack of belief results in lack of prayer which results in lack of victories. Ouch! Those first 2 chapters of the Bible study came back to bite me, but it was perfect timing. I was going to need the faith and prayer to accomplish the ministries ahead.

Now that I’ve been open about my faithlessness and getting another clue, let me ask you, how’s your prayer life? How well do you believe that God is able? Join me in prayer, “Lord, I believe! Help thou my unbelief!” Then let’s watch God move mountains and turn the world upside down because of our prayers of belief.


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