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bead on string

Usually people wish time would just stand still long enough for them to get caught up with work, or to just hold onto a precious moment a little while longer. For me, I’m glad that time has not stood still.  These past five or six weeks have been agonizingly stressful.  This past summer my husband decided to pursue a career in law enforcement.  After attending a class to prepare him for the procedure, he came home and told me all about the process.  By the time he was done, I was begging for fresh air afraid that I might lose my mind completely.  I had no idea that the process was so intense!

First, he would have to pass a written test. If he passed that, 2 weeks later- a physical test, then an oral board interview, background checks, more interviews, lie detector, and one last physical test.  Since he was applying for two agencies, double everything I just wrote.  Every weekend, he was doing some kind of test. The pressure was great especially having been out of work for a year, everything was riding on whether he passed or failed.  I have never been more thankful that time kept steadily marching on.  For some reason, that idea brought me comfort – I wouldn’t have to be stuck in this situation forever.

But today, is different. The copier in the office stopped working which means I can’t get much done.  My body aches with the flu and apparently my brain isn’t working on all gears either.  I just took a phone call and stuttered and stammered my way through it.  Today, time is standing still and all I want to do is go home and go to bed.

Time. My pastor used this illustration to describe time:  He strung a thin rope across the auditorium and placed a bead on the rope.  Our time on earth is just a small bead on the long rope of eternity, for that I am grateful.  Whatever struggles and heartaches I face, it is for a short time and then I will have the rest of forever to live the way God intended for me to live – in peace.  I honestly can’t wait to really begin living, but as I wait, I will take comfort in the fact that time marches on…

Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life?  You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.  James 4:14 (NIV)


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life is short coffee

One of the perks of being an admin. for a pastor is that I get to clean my boss’ coffee cup which I am staring at right now.   After many times of washing it, I have finally stopped to read the words on it:

Coffee Break, n. 1) a break from life for coffee, a pause, etc. 2) an oasis in a sea of insanity 3) five minutes alone 4) fifteen minutes with a friend 5) a moment < Starbucks

Something about this just struck me, I guess maybe it was the concept of time and how we all need more of it. What if we did get more time, what would we do with it?  Would we stop to have a cup of coffee, and I mean really enjoy it just for the heck of it, not a grab, run, go? Would we use the extra time to just sit with a friend and share life, or curl up with that book we swear we’re going to read someday, or maybe just do nothing but stare at the nature around us?  Somehow I doubt it, with the addition of more time we would add longer working hours in order to obtain financial stability so that way we could someday enjoy more time.  We humans don’t make sense.

This past week I’ve been listening (yes, listening) to the book, The Hope Quotient by Ray Johnston. In it he explains that one of the reasons people lose hope is because they are doing too much.  Hope gets lost in the busyness of life.  More people suffer from stress related illness than any other illness.  Do you feel like you lack hope in your life?  If so, reevaluate your priorities and give yourself that needed coffee break!  Who knows, that  brief oasis may just give you more time.

How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow?  Your life is like the morning fog – it’s here a little while, then it’s gone. –  James 4:14 (NLT)


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Not wanting to look at the calendar, I knew that time was running out. Panic threatened to steal my joy away. As hard as I fought it, the stronger the fear grew. “Abba, time is running out and I still can’t see where you are leading us.”

He paused mid-stride. Turning to look at me, he smiled, “Be still and know that I am your Father.”

Nervously fidgeting, I blurted impatiently, “I’m trying to trust, but nothing is making sense right now! I am ssssooooo confused! It doesn’t seem possible that things will work out!”

With an amused twinkle in his eye, he responded, “Daughter, that’s when I work best. When you say impossible, I make it possible. Don’t worry so much, just be still and trust me! I’ll make everything beautiful in time!”

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Musings from the first part of The Redemption of Adi:

Because God knows all things even before they happen, He knew that the human race would hate and reject Him before He created them. He knew what would need to be done to redeem man from sin and an eternity in hell, and yet God still created man. I wonder what the conversation was between God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit when they decided on the plan to save us. What were the emotions that they felt? Even though these are questions that I would like to ask once I get to heaven, I do know one emotion that they had – love. It would have been easy for God to create us to automatically love HIm and to avoid the horrific sacrifice that He would have to make for us, but forced love isn’t really love is it? True love can only come from a free will. In His great love, He created us with a free will to return His love or to hate Him. That alone is a sacrifice to know that many of those He loves will want nothing to do with Him. What did He feel when He looked into the future and saw His beloved Son being whipped and nailed to a cross by the very people he loved? What did He feel when He saw people throughout history blaspheme His name or commit heinous acts in His name? Was His heart heavy? Did He cry? These thoughts make me realize all that He has gone through on my behalf, and my love and appreciation for Him deepens. What about you? Do you choose to love Jesus? What are your thoughts?

The Lord appeared to us in the past,[a] saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love;
I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” – Jeremiah 31:3

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